How to Make Your Video Message Stick (Part 3)

In order to ensure your video and message will be remembered, you need to take out any abstraction or ambiguity.  Your idea must be concrete.


For an idea to be concrete, it ought to be specific.  We understand abstract math problems by assigning numbers or symbols to the words.  In a similar way, we have to make our abstract message more concrete in order for it to stick.

Concreteness helps us to better understand an idea and makes it easy to remember.

In applying concreteness to your video, think about what words or phrases are more likely to stick with your audience.  It has been proven that physical objects or phrases, such as “new products”, are more memorable than abstract ideas, such as “innovation”.

When thinking about the next Gloopt you will create, think about how to make your message concrete and memorable, how to make your message stick.

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