Make Things Interesting For Your Customers with Short Interactive Videos | What Is An Incentive Stock Option?

Using videos as a viable marketing strategy has long been preferred by content marketers.

Have you ever thought of using innovative, short, engaging clips to promote your business?

Consider the short marketing video presented here.

In this short, one minute video Theresa Oatman, CEP, an expert stock administration consultant is taking up the subject of employee incentive programs and is explaining to her customers the ins and outs of the Incentive Stock Option or ISO program.

Traditionally, people would not associate videos with boring industries and sectors like finance, insurance, construction etc.

However, the geniuses in the content marketing world have proven than no industry can be left behind when it comes to innovating and engaging customers through video content. The trick is to offer the information that your target audience needs and deliver it in a way that is effective and yet attractive at the same time.

What better way than a video to accomplish that!

You do not need fancy equipment or a huge budget to create engaging videos for your business. All you need are some basic requirements like a laptop with an in-build webcam, preferably an external microphone and some basic software for video editing.

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