How to Pique Viewers’ Curiosity with Your Short Videos

Use headlines in your videos that are attention grabbers. Language is half the job in your short videos. Remember, colorful language that is descriptive, power verbs, dynamic adjectives, and strong key terms are going to grab attention. They will show off your smarts, your knowledge, and your authority. They are also going to intrigue your audience as to how you know so much.

Use the Advantage of Visuals and Imagery in Your Video Offerings

Remember, an image captures things that words can’t say. When your audience is watching you in front of the camera, ask yourself what else you can do to intrigue them and get their attention. Use gestures, either hand, or body language. Be mindful of your facial expressions. Use direct eye contact with the camera; a direct gaze will engage the viewer and more likely encourage trust. Hand gestures emphasize. A smile encourages, inspires, and motivates. Simple things like sitting up straight show leadership. Other body language positions will indicate levels of comfort and authority. This will help you to promote you, and what you represent, your business and product.

Keep Your Talk Concise and Consumable

Even in a short video that is one minute long, you will have to win the attention of your viewer. That means keeping your message concise, direct, and easy to understand. Don’t make it difficult for them to connect with your message. Spoon feed your message by creating talking in a way that is conversational, friendly, informative, and relevant to what they want to hear and learn about. Remember, it’s about them.Download Gloopt here!

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