How to Make Your Message More Relevant to the Audience with Specific Content

Determine Your Target Audience

First, what is your primary strategy to capture your target audience? Are you going to educate or entertain? Are you looking to increase new viewers to your website or to bring a turnaround on your call to action and directly sell?

Be sure to put in compelling content, i.e. compelling information that relates directly to your audience and consumers. In this modern world, we are accustomed to a constant flow of information. So, you should aim to build trust or curiosity within the first 15 seconds of your video.

Here are a few ways you can quickly engage viewers:

  • Gain the trust of the viewer with a quick, animated introduction
  • Spark the viewer’s curiosity, or tease the rest of the video, with the host/speaker
  • Start with a quick clip that previews what’s to come

An animated introduction engages your audience. Introduce something you find interesting and are enthusiastic about. When it is a subject you share in common with the audience, that shows relevance. This shared or common interest leads to how you can benefit the viewer or consumer with your product or service.

Display Value to Your Audience

How do you display value for your audience? Your video should answer that question with relevant information and content that is specific to the needs and wants of the audience.

Keep viewers informed with interesting facts, knowledge, or inspiring how-tos. Your audience will stay engaged throughout your video. This is relevant content that captivates the viewers, your consumers, and persuades to follow your calls to action.

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