How to Make Videos and Engage Viewers to Call to Action

In video content marketing, you know that a call to action is an absolute must have. It is that crucial prompt which encourages someone to do something. (Hopefully that action is to buy your product or service or further evaluate your product). This prompt and result provides the chance to analyze your video’s effectiveness.

What Are Your Goals?

First, you should assess your goals. Your call to action is to nudge your viewers into doing something. So, what do you want them to do? You must assess what you want to achieve with your video and then, how can your CTA support these goals.

After you’ve specified what you want your CTA to achieve, your next step is to create messaging which meets these goals as effectively as possible.

Identify Your Options

Next step is to identify the best options. Remember to use the CTA thematically to fit smoothly and persuasively into the video content and messaging. The key point here is that CTA should always be persuasive and easy to accept and follow, not jarring nor obtrusive to the video’s messaging style or theme.

Extending Interactivity with Your Viewer

Finally, annotations or pop-up messages can extend the interactivity and prompt viewers to take actions. Descriptions and Call-To-Action links can be an advantage sometimes because they don’t distract and are more versatile. A verbal narrative or a prompt carries a direct message and can carry more emotional weight. A reference to another video or to another part of your website can help your audience find more information. Or they may watch another video and are probably interested and looking for more information.

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