How Short Videos Can Convert Viewers into Customers with Relevant Information

In the first few seconds of your short video, you should identify yourself. This should be the hook as in what is it about you that should gain interest from the viewer. Address this ‘reason’ for attention to audience simply by stating your authority or expertise in the area of the why they are watching your video or ended up on your landing page.

Help Your Audience Continue the Interest with a Pitch

Give them what they’re looking for. Offer a hook, a reason, a pitch, either with humor or some catchy insight as to what the problem is and why they are seeking out the solution. Show the window to what the solution may be. Clearly state the problem and why you are here to solve the problem for them with your product or service offering.

Give Them the Relevant Information

Now explain what you can do for them. In your video show your audience with your conversation and actions that you are the best qualified to help them with their needs. Describe, in a few words, what makes you the best. Use clear wording. Be direct. Use power words. Don’t hesitate to communicate clearly.

Be Ready for Conversion

Conversion occurs when your audience believes you. If you establish yourself as the expert and authority, and give the relevant information to satisfy their curiosity, you will be more likely to have a customer.Download Gloopt here!

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