How Do I Get the Audience’s Attention with an Interesting Message in a Short Video?

Initially catching the viewer is only half the battle. Once you get them to watch, you need to have engaging content to keep them watching your video.

Knowing how many people watch your videos is important, but knowing who is watching your video, and who your audience is very important, too.

Three Parts to Your Video

Your video is in 3 parts: your introduction, your main message, and your conclusion-call to action.

The beginning sets the tone and captivates your audience. You should “hook” your viewers in the beginning, or your message will never be seen. Capture your audience with your Gloopt one minute video from the outset. It’s important to do this as quickly as possible. Try using a question, a fact, or short sketch to reel them in.

Then, present your main message. Keep it consumer-focused. It is about “you” the audience and viewer. How “you” can benefit or gain from the product. Using “you” language connects directly with the concept of highlighting benefits rather than just features. Connecting features with direct benefits and in relations to the consumer, “you” makes the video interesting and engaging.

Emphasize Benefits to Your Viewer

Keep your language simple and direct, and benefit-centered, and “you”-oriented. This will capture your viewers’ foremost interest – themselves – which will hold and captivate their attention. Tell people how they fit into the picture and make them feel like your video is about them, and they will want to engage.

Near the end, summarize your message. Then present the ‘call to action.’ What do you want the viewer to do?

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