How to Handle One Of “Those” Days

This group message is for you as I I am in the midst of one of “those” kind of ultra busy days. Get some tips on how you could handle your own ultra busy day, and succeed.

Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker | Speaker Hall of Fame | Co-Author- “Klout Matters” at Achievement Systems, Inc. | @TerryBrock

How Video Captures the Expert’s Knowledge, Insights, and ‘Know How’

First, you need to identify who has the knowledge (you) and owns the business and provides the product or service offering as a result. Coming up with this identification of you and your staff who qualifies to be on this list is critical to establish your credentials. Interview yourself or a key staff member. Show yourself or your member on the camera. Ask relevant questions that will interest your audience and is useful to them.

A Video Can Capture Your Knowledge

The content of what you say on camera matters a lot. It is substance. Don’t overly ‘dumb down’ your presentation to the audience. Throw in a few technical terms and then, explain carefully in simple language by rephrasing the term in a sentence or two. Engage the audience by educating and teaching them about their problems or solutions which they hadn’t thought existed or knew nothing about. This innovative or original idea will help establish your position as an authority and expert.

Try an Interview for Storyboard

An effective technique is the interview process. FAQs can be asked and you can answer them in an interview-like review of your knowledge and expertise. This can showcase that you know the answers and can tease out the solutions to the dilemmas and problems of the viewers.

Finish off with an additional insight or a teaser fact that may further interest or engage your audience. This will result into the next step of call to action.

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Why You Need an Explainer Video to Promote Your Business

It’s true that how much time your visitors stay on your website influences Google’s algorithm for search rankings. This is an important reason why explainer videos have boomed. It is affordable and has shown proven effectiveness for growing a business. You can increase your conversion rates. You can clarify your product offering, and boost sales.

First, increasing conversion rates is part of the process

Explainer videos help budding business owners. They keep track of how many visitors go on their sites and actually become customers. Explainer videos also keep a record of what product the prospect is interested in by showing the number of views on each video.

The explainer video clarifies the product offering

Since text can be tricky, showing versus just reading demonstrates to the potential customer with visual imagery what the product offering is about. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine that combined with audio explanation, how much greater the clarity and impact it would be for the prospect.

Explainer videos also generate more social signals

Mixed media with images, audio, visual, and spoken speech or talk are more engaging than just plain written text. It also helps your audience to retain information. This means potential increase in word-of-mouth advertising and promotion.

Explainer videos also liven up your pitch

An engaging script can help promote you, your company, and your product offering. It can grab audience attention, is easily shareable, and most important, showcase your personality, “you” representing your business.

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Keep Retention with a One Minute Video

Many customers ask us, “Why a one minute video? Doesn’t that limit the content we can provide?”

Here at Gloopt, we do not see one minute as a limitation, we see it as a way to deliver a concise message that will capture your audience’s attention.

According to studies by Wistia, the longer a video is, the higher the viewer loss is.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 3.18.48 PM

Why One Minute?

Ever heard the phrase “give me a minute”?

Sixty seconds is a brief time span people commonly use because it doesn’t take much time away from our busy schedules.  The phrase “give me a minute” is used so frequently because we have enough time in one day to give up one minute.  We are more likely to wait for someone if they are running one minute late versus five minutes late, or wait in line for one minute versus five minutes.

Similarly, we are more likely to watch a video if it is one minute long than if it is five minutes long.

A viewer decides in 6-10 seconds whether or not they will watch the entire length of a video.  If your video is only 60 seconds long, your viewer could already be 1/6 through your video, and they will most likely continue watching it.

It may take some practice to get used to the one minute timespan, however we believe this is the best method to keep viewer retention.

Test out the power of the one-minute video today!

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Download Gloopt here!

Creating Effective Explainer Videos for Content Marketing

So what are the reasons for the increasing popularity of explainer videos? Why do they go viral so easily?

Well, explainer videos are short videos, usually 1-2 minutes long, and are usually created to pique interests in a company or a product or a service by answering questions as to why it exists and what will it do. The reason they go viral is because

  • They pack a lot of information in the shortest time possible
  • Consumers interact well with videos and images as compared to the written text
  • By offering solutions, the company/business owner is projecting an image of helping their customers and a product that is necessary to their lives.

For example, take a look at the video presented here.

In this short 1-minute explainer video, David Motto, an expert on learning video, is giving out tips to budding musicians on learning music and musical instruments.
With this short explainer video, David Motto has helped his customers with tips and tricks that they might not have received otherwise and would have taken a long time to figure out on their own. He has also managed to establish his own authority in his field by explaining simple yet powerful information in this short video.

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creating Effective Video Marketing Campaigns with Short Educational Videos

Video marketing has been a very important part of the inbound marketing strategy so far. But in the past couple of years it has taken on a whole new role. Previously there were a few video platforms, but the way social media networking has exploded over the last few years, it has taken video content marketing to a whole new level.

Videos are more effective as compared to the images or plain text because it gives more personality to your brand by including a moving image along with sound and they let you share what is happening with your brand in a creative yet innovative way.

Create and discover the power of condensed, actionable insights in a captivating way via Gloopt’s – one minute videos

Take a look at the video presented here for example.

In this short 1-minute video, David Motto is explaining tips and tricks to budding musicians about learning music and musical instruments.

With the help of this 1-minute educational video, David Motto has not just reached out to his customers, he has also managed to brand himself an an expert on learning music.

You can do the same with your brand, company, product or your area of expertise too!

Building a library of these kinds of short videos is a great way to distribute relevant information to your customers while also engaging them efficiently and long enough to turn them into potential leads that convert to sales.

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