How to Be at Your Very Best – have you ever noticed that some of the people around you are more productive, more engaged, and even happier than the other people you know? What is it that makes the difference? One of the things that we have researched is the absolute necessity of preparing so that you can be at your best on call. First of all, what would that even look like? Perhaps you know you need to have a balanced meal. Maybe you know you need to spend time with certain people, or even outside, in order to perform at your peak. When it comes to an activity one of the things I encourage all of our friends to do is to write down on a piece of paper these simple words, I am at my best when… Then, underneath that, simply write down statements that are true for you. If you would like an example please visit


How to Handle One Of “Those” Days

This group message is for you as I I am in the midst of one of “those” kind of ultra busy days. Get some tips on how you could handle your own ultra busy day, and succeed.

Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker | Speaker Hall of Fame | Co-Author- “Klout Matters” at Achievement Systems, Inc. | @TerryBrock

Use Videos to Reach Your Target Audience with Appealing and Effective Content

Video is effective marketing. 70 percent is displayed in search results online. In order to develop your video marketing campaign, you need the preparation phase. You need to layout the tasks involved in building your strategy. You will need to get the big picture on how to get a response from your viewers and help them convert and transform into satisfied customers.

The Basis Steps

  • Your Purpose. Define what and why you are creating the videos. What is your message? Why are you sending out this message. This will help create a very specific and targeted video with simpler messages. Your videos will be shorter and easier to digest.
    • Build brand awareness
    • Sell
    • To generate leads
    • Demo a new product or service
    • Educate a market
    • Entertain
  • Your Targeted Message. With more crafted and targeted message, you’re going to see more responses as the content will resonate with more appeal with your audiences who want and need your product or service.
  • Cost-effective Video. Your specific and targeted video will be easier to produce and so, save costs compared to a catch-all video.

Your Target Audience, the Perfect Customer

After you’ve defined your purpose, you need to do discover who your audience is and who you are targeting. A good way to come up with this answer is to ask the question, “who would I have a conversation with?” This “dialogue” is not just someone you imagine, but industry and trade specific. Keep in mind who your ideal customer is and how you would talk to them. This sets the tone for your engaging and appealing video content and message.Download Gloopt here!

Video Evokes Emotion and Makes Entertainment, Marketing, Branding and Conversion through Storytelling

Use your video campaigns for engagement with the audience. This means to tell a story whether it’s about your company, your product or service offering, or simply to talk about the problems the users have and how you can address their needs. Talk about your customers. Talk about how you can improve their lives.

Engage Them with Entertainment and Impressions

Be relevant with users by targeting them based on location, geography, socio-economic demographics, etc. Be sure your video plays to please the viewer. Your “conversation” with the viewer must set them in the right mood with persuasive talk. Use it to move them into action and give them the right impression to trust you and take cues from you to a call-to-action.

CTA is a Chance for Conversion

Make your CTA (Call-To-Action) unique and special. Give more, by giving more information they need to make the “right” decision. The right decision is to buy from you. Give them more reasons why they should trust you and your product or service offering. Give them other customers’ experiences or words they use to describe you. Integrate other sharing done on social media to help them come to this conclusion.

Use Video to Target Your Audience Across Social Media and Channels

Storytelling through a short video is easy to share and combine in multiple channels. Driving traffic to your site becomes easier once one video is released. By completing the next video and next one, in a series of efforts in a uniting theme your traffic increases. This series of videos combines unique storytelling that has the function of consistent and persistent messaging to drive traffic through multiple channels and diverse social media.Download Gloopt here!

How to Make Your Video Message Stick (Part 3)

In order to ensure your video and message will be remembered, you need to take out any abstraction or ambiguity.  Your idea must be concrete.


For an idea to be concrete, it ought to be specific.  We understand abstract math problems by assigning numbers or symbols to the words.  In a similar way, we have to make our abstract message more concrete in order for it to stick.

Concreteness helps us to better understand an idea and makes it easy to remember.

In applying concreteness to your video, think about what words or phrases are more likely to stick with your audience.  It has been proven that physical objects or phrases, such as “new products”, are more memorable than abstract ideas, such as “innovation”.

When thinking about the next Gloopt you will create, think about how to make your message concrete and memorable, how to make your message stick.