Seeking Failure? I Don’t Think You Know How.

Lately, this notion of “failure” has permitted the startup landscape. Though a few founders can claim real failure, here is something for those who have an unclear dream, and not a lot of confidence as they begin: Gain Clarity. Then seek failure.


Create the Strongest “Us” Together

Enable others to use best talents together around sweet spots of shared interest and you will serendipitously attract more opportunities and apt partners. Hint: a mutuality mindset makes you sought after.

Kare Anderson
Emmy-Winner | TEDx | Connective Behavior | Speaker | Columnist | Author | Strategist at TEDx Marin | @KareAnderson

How to Handle One Of “Those” Days

This group message is for you as I I am in the midst of one of “those” kind of ultra busy days. Get some tips on how you could handle your own ultra busy day, and succeed.

Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker | Speaker Hall of Fame | Co-Author- “Klout Matters” at Achievement Systems, Inc. | @TerryBrock