Why I Like Reading

“it is really inspiring to learn what my fellow public servants are doing is solving some of their most notorious issues today and whether be best practices around some of the functions of the offices which I served about auditing, about financial reporting, about looking at a cash management and a whole array of different government functions.”

The speaker shared about why she likes reading about governing.


My Favorite Leadership Book

“it reminds me that for all of us who is serving a leader positions its really about what we bring in our own personal histories or personal experiences or personal journey, that’s going to affect our ability to connect with people and really in government isn’t that what the sold out it’s connecting with people it really try to create change for the positive for our societies.”

The speaker shared about her favorite leadership book that helps her to be more inspired and motivated.


Leadership Tip

“Leadership is certainly about inspiring, it’s about really be a voice working with other voices, it’s a deal with the challenges in issues but frankly not of that is effective without the ability to listen to others and to know that for shaping pulses solutions that we have the most robust input and to how we are going to create change that will affect everyone in a positive way.”

The speaker shared about a leadership tips.


CenturyLink Government- John Griffin

“We are excited to be a partner in this event today because it helps my team and I stay grounded in what’s most important to our customers both today and the future. Hearing those issues through their words will help my team more effectively deliver the solutions to their needs for today and in the future.”

John shared about the company called Centruy Link Government. It aims to provide the customer to delivered government and education more effectively.

John Griffin – Century Link Government

Datafiniti- Open Access to the Web Data

“if your company needs data from the web we had the best source for that with the process data, product data or anything is on the web. We provide entrance solution for all the data from the web and for acquiring, cleaning and sanitizing distributed with easy API “

Shion shared about shared about Datafiniti an open access to the web data.

Shion Deysarkar – Datafiniti

How Do We Make Things Better in Government

“In Government we are challenged so relentlessly to prove our quality of service, they do things better, and faster and her cheaper or quicker. And the struggle that we always had it where we start. and so most often start in the inside we ask ourselves how could we make things better what we could do different like, but it turns out that the real secret to transforming the wave we do our services this is starting in the outside.”

Peter shared about shared about how do we make things better in government.

Peter Hutchinson- Accenture MD

Biggest Transformation Happening in Government

“There’s so many things to think about, there’s digital, there’s service transformation, there’s a never ending and struggle how to figure out how much money our needs and so on but I think the biggest change is the availability and usefulness of evidence.”

Peter shared about shared about the biggest transformation happening in government.

Peter Hutchinson- Accenture MD

Speakers Can Learn from Actors

“What this means is, no matter how many times the actors have read over the line and silently rehearse them a lad or perform them before the audience, when tonight’s audience hears the production they want the illusion of the first time, they don’t want to rehash, they want to repeat, they want to tend that these people thinking these thoughts and making those motions spontaneous.”

Bill shared about how actors rely on “the illusion of the first time.” This approach is vital for speakers too.

Bill Lampton, Ph.D.
Speech Coach, Communication Consultant, Video Trainer, Radio Host at Championship Communication | @doclampton