Kiniskii Post Pepper Pitch

“Which means military members, traveling parents and far away relatives who be able to get away from the three minute phone conversations, and jump into making countless memories, will be on your phone, your tablet or your PC for users of all generations.”

Helen shared about a software platform integrating video chat and gaming company called Kiniskii.

Helen Tien

Lienzo Pre Pepper Pitch

“We want to revive all the cultural tribes, indigenous cultural tribes to our gaming”

Edgar shared about the activities that provided by the gaming company called Lienzo.

Edgar Serrano

Smart Partnerships Boost Seamless Service- IMS

“Another way co-locates your store with someone else is an accessories store has an inner world door way to a women’s clothing store so there’s a different way that you can share your common base of customers and make more money better together.”

Kare shared about how mix smart partnership make a more seamless service for the people you serve.

Kare Anderson
Emmy-Winner | TEDx | Connective Behavior | Speaker | Columnist | Author | Strategist at TEDx Marin | @KareAnderson.

Succeed with Your Civic Club Speech

“It’s great that you’ve been invited to speak a specific club, here’s what you want to do to succeed, research the club, talk to the program planner, look at their websites, find out what their other business to the activities are then when you stand talk you can congratulate the group on their money that they raised and they got after last month.”

Bill shared about how to succeed with your civic club speech.

Bill Lampton, Ph.D.
Speech Coach, Communication Consultant, Video Trainer, Radio Host at Championship Communication | @doclampton

San Francisco Financial Empowerment Work

“we are trying to reach out out of this family to let them know, having this opportunity to enter the mainstream work with safe, banks and credit unions have healthy accounts that keep their money safe in and save for their future, we want to make sure everyone in our cities is successful.”

The speaker talks about one of the things focus on financial mainstream that gives an opportunity for every family in San Francisco.