How to Enchant Your Boss

“The key to enchanting your boss is when your boss is asking you to do something drop everything else, may not seem rational, it may not seem optimal, but I’m telling you this is what works, if your boss asks you to do something and what else you do, drop everything else, create a prototype that response to his or her request it’s means you do things and want to prove that you drop everything and second more opportunity to fix something because of your prototype right away.” 

Guy Kawasaki

Mind over Matter

“It’s mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter, but the truth of the matter is our mind is making a huge difference when it comes to our ability to be resilient specifically our heads, they talks at us all the time for which we live, move and have our being.” – Eileen McDargh

Eileen McDargh, CEO
Chief Energy Officer at The Resiliency Group | @macdarling

Live Life to the Fullest

“What’s important in life, find out what it is you want to do, get out and live it to the fullest. Do often, we wait too late. Don’t wait and go for it now and make sure you enjoy life.” – Terry Brock

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Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker | Speaker Hall of Fame | Co-Author- “Klout Matters” at Achievement Systems, Inc. | @TerryBrock

3 Ways Authors Can Use Gloopts

“Whether you’re writing a novel or non-fiction book you know how important is to generate audience in advance of publication.” – Liz Alexander

Liz Alexander shared 3 ways authors can use gloopt as part of the marketing promotion plan.

Dr. Liz Alexander

You Can Become an Eloquent Speaker

“As a speech coach, I’ll give you a new definition of eloquence. Eloquence is when you can say something that an audience understands, they get the information is clear, it’s concise and it’s so compelling that they are willing to act on it. When you can do that, you have become an eloquent speaker.”Bill Lampton

Forget traditional definitions of eloquent speaking and follow mine.

Bill Lampton, Ph.D.
Speech Coach, Communication Consultant, Video Trainer, Radio Host at Championship Communication | @doclampton

Getting Your Mojo Back

“We go through phases in life where things just don’t connect and it’s maybe time for sort of a result, if you are going through a phase like that sort of a tough and not just a highway of life rock in a rolling, what would you do? I say, you follow the energy, stay down when you’re in a down rope and a down slope, stay down and learn the lesson everything communicate, it’s an old American saying.” – Paul D’Souza

What do you do when life does not go as planned?

Paul D’Souza
Founder at The Wha-Dho Institute | @pdsouza

Harmony At Work – For Entrepreneurs

“Are you in harmony with the world around you, it’s very challenging being an entrepreneur, you got to deal with the employees, you got to deal with the clients, the customers, your banks, finances, investors, cash flow, vendors, partners and the list go on. How you find harmony in that? My responses and my suggestion is that you find a way to prioritize the people in your life and you learn to control your emotions.” – Paul D’Souza

Quick how to find harmony with your chaotic world as an entrepreneur.

Paul D’Souza
Founder at The Wha-Dho Institute | @pdsouza

Finding Harmony at Work

“One simple thing is, do the job you supposed to do, but then when you go home, do what your heart says to do if you’ve got a passion, do it! If you want to go for walks, do it! Don’t work too much, make sure you create enough space and time for you to do what your heart desires with that your starts feeling more happy and sustainable happiness is harmony.” – Paul D’Souza

Simple steps to bring more harmony into your life at work.

Paul D’Souza
Founder at The Wha-Dho Institute | @pdsouza


“I was so impressed by this old couple they had a place, had a dream, made it work and keep coming back to it, consistent, persistent. Doing what they do best, what is it that you do best? Figure it out and stick with it. ” – Paul D’Souza

A story of a couple that have stuck with a project since 1996. Doing something they love and doing it well.

Paul D’Souza
Founder at The Wha-Dho Institute | @pdsouza