Delegate Like a Leader – Delegation is a way leaders gain minutes ornery hours a day to apply to their most important projects. When you think about delegation, what comes to mind? Is it something that is easy and comfortable for you to do? Or do you find yourself holding onto more and more, because you know it is just easier if you do it yourself. When it comes to effective delegation, efficient leaders know three things. 1. They need to confirm that the person receiving the delegated task understands what he or she needs to do. 2. There needs to be some kind of a check in process put in the place, perhaps a milestone marker on a calendar. This keeps everyone, and the task, on track for success. 3. And, perhaps one of the things that the most senior of all executives have come to understand is the absolute necessity of acknowledging the progress that other people make when they complete the large tasks they have been given. All too often, there is a rush to get to the next thing. Take time at the end of the task, notice what they did that was right, and you’ll get more done the next time. perhaps the person I learned the most from about effective delegation was the author Ken Blanchard, he wrote the book the one minute manager. If you are looking for a great resource, pick it up today.