How to Use Video to Explain Your Product Effectively

Remember video interacts with people in ways that texts and photos alone can’t. For business owners, video can bring faces, personality, voice, and the heart and soul of your operation to the viewer and consumer. It demonstrates authenticity.

The top ways of showing the human side to your business through video are the following:

  • Customer testimonials from your best customers can explain on video how the product or service solved a problem or improved their lives. Testimonials are also proof that your product offering does work. It lends credibility and builds trust and reputation.
  • Demonstrate your product offering: be sure to show how your business works. You can include a how-to guide in a brief script. Informing prospects lets them know you are the expert and that you can help them.
  • Introduce your staff. This shows dedication, care, and commitment to customer satisfaction. You can create greater connection with customers by showing the faces and the personalities of your staff.
  • You can show part of your business location, a brief showing of your office or location, and give a look into the operations.
  • Make a request to take a poll or survey by asking them what they think. It can create engagement and ensure trust by showing that their opinions matter.This simple method can help show your dedication, passion and commitment to customer satisfaction. It can also create a greater connection with customers by showing them the faces and personalities of your employees.

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How to Create and Discover Actionable Insights through Technical Merits of Video

There are 5 areas to discuss when it comes to creating the technical values of videos.

  1. Video Analytics: these data help you to assess your channel’s performance and direct content and strategic marketing based on your findings.
  1. Measurement: how to measure. All data online can be measured and brought to a sense of what it means for the marketeer. Data can provide insights into messaging and positioning. Our audiences don’t always see us as we think they do. When we know what people are interested in, what they’re looking for and what problems they’re trying to solve, our content can be much more effective.
  1. Key Performance Indicators: A. Visibility, the video’s share of shelf inside channels such as YouTube.

    B. Connections, how many viewers watch the video?

    C. Performance, the duration or percentage of viewership.

    D. Engagement, video’s trigger of a reaction.

    E. Shareability, your video is being shared or is it engaging?

  1. Optimize: That means to make your video effective in searching efforts and being visible and accessible. Success occurs when those searching out there, find you, your site out there. There are many ways to optimize, the key is finding the most critical components for you and executing. This may be through SEOs, or external links, annotations from previous videos…etc.
  1. Direct Video Content: This means your video content must have good and quality material and substance. You must inform, teach, give facts and details, show solutions, and entertain to some degree.

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