Short Videos are the Future for Mainstream Marketing and the Best Way for Promotion

Let’s face it, the user may be multi-tasking when faced with marketing content. Reading takes more focus and may engage less attention due to the efforts. Users are increasingly expecting computers to do more work for them as their attention is divided by many factors.

Use videos to grab attention, show and tell your story, and promote on the spot

You can use explainer videos and sell yourself in less than 30 seconds. Remember, consumers are in a rush. They like to get straight to the point without having to work to get the message. When there is an “explanation” video, you can promote yourself, differentiate yourself with description and explanations and stand out from the competition with this special promotion.

How will special promotions be the future of marketing?

Videos can be uploaded to YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo and linked or embedded into your website. This is connection. If you see it on YouTube, you can channel viewers to your website. If they see it on Facebook, they can be directed to your website. Also, marketing only has a short window time to capture the audience’s attention and to hold it.

Videos make great impact

Videos are more exciting than written text. It’s a new approach that really isn’t new. TV ads have been around for decades. But now online and internet videos offer some benefits of TV ads for a much more affordable cost. You can make your own videos with iPhone or iPad and can create your own persona and status of company and profile.

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How to Make Your Video Message Stick (Part 2)

There are millions of videos on the web nowadays.  We are constantly bombarded by content and have to choose what we will spend our time looking at and listening to.

So how do you get your video to stand out?

Break a pattern.  We instinctually fall into a consistent pattern but we pay more attention when a pattern is broken.  This is why the second part of making your message stick is to be unexpected.


To be unexpected answers two major questions: How do I get people’s attention? And, How do I keep their attention?

The element of surprise will catch people’s attention, while interest will keep their attention.  Surprise makes up stop whatever we are doing and pay attention, this is why an unexpected idea sticks.  In order to keep their attention, you must keep an audience interested. Curiosity to fill in gaps of knowledge is what will keep your audience attentive during the entire length of your video.

When it comes to creating your video, think of ways to not only catch peoples’ attention but also to keep their attention.

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Authority Can Be Created by Short Videos Marketing Campaign Platform

In your videos, you can establish your authority on camera by giving useful advice. One chief way to build relationships from film to viewer is to provide information about useful content on their website. Teaching or instructional short clips about how to improve themselves, personally, professionally, or business-setting, all in the long run will build your authority and trust with the viewers.

What can you do with videos to build your image and reputation as an authority?

You can shoot short videos that give brief and to the point information pieces which give insight to the problems your viewers might be having. They are more likely to return to view additional videos you make, follow you on web content, and refer you to their social circles.

Video is the ideal platform to showcase your knowledge and skills

In your videos, first discuss the issue, the problems at hand for the viewers. Then, introduce and explain your brand. Does your solution engage the viewer to convert into a customer? Will they share your story and promote your authority within their social circles?

Videos are perfect in establishing your authority with your tell-all ability coming directly from the speech and talk you make in front of the camera. You can talk about your passion, the story behind the creation, and your genius in finding a solution. Create a rich experience to establish yourself as reliable, credible, and an expert.

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3 Ways that Videos Build Your Reputation as an Expert and Promote Your Brand

Use video to brand yourself as an expert is to evoke a product, a sentiment, a feeling, and/or experience. Every business should be bolstered by the owner’s expertise and personal brand.

Building a reputation on expertise demonstrated by video

Let the users listen and watch to your “show” and its demonstration of brands built on personal reputation. Your video can show you off and reflect your reputation which relies on the experience, knowledge, and expertise of the owner and his/her staff.

Does expertise build loyalty?

Yes, your video can talk about your expertise and qualified experience combined with good customer service to build loyal customers with your viewers. They will keep returning for more if you can discuss how you’ve solved many customers’ problems with your product or service and knowledge and experience. Also, the more videos show that you are out there and interacting with the customer, the more you are perceived in human terms which builds trust and loyalty.

How does the expert build the brand?

There are a couple ways of accomplishing the brand building. Your video can position the company behind the person where the individual embodies the business and its mission. The name and image are front of everything and are in the center to the public view. The other way is to have videos on the company and product doesn’t make a direct connection to the proprietor, thus offering more freedom of future ownership. But it is still tightly connected to the leader’s persona.

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How to Make Your Video Message Stick (Part 1)

When presenting your ideas to an audience, you want to make sure your message will stay with them, or “stick”.  In the upcoming blog series, six methods of sharing your message in an effective way will be presented.  Six methods to ensure your ideas stick.  The following lessons have been drawn from ideas presented in Chip Heath & Dan Heath’s bestseller, Made to Stick.


The first core lesson when drafting up your ideas: keep it simple.  Particularly when you have one-minute to get your message across, it needs to be simple.

This does not mean dumbing down your idea or cutting out pertinent information, it means getting to the core of the idea.  What is the core message you are trying to get across in one minute?  Figure out what your message is, then convey that to your audience.

How do you keep your message simple?  There are two major ways in which you can do this.  First, by prioritizing your information. Second, by keeping your message compact.

Prioritizing a lot of information can be difficult, especially when you have one minute to convey that important information.  When looking at what information to share, think about what is “critical” versus what is “beneficial”.

The idea you are discussing in your Gloopt may have multiple aspects to it, so decide what is the critical information you need to share.  The best part about Gloopt is that you can make as many videos as you want!  So even if you didn’t get to share all the information you wanted to in one video, you can always create another one.

Simple messages are often compact.  In a one-minute time span, an idea that will stick is a message that is concise and compact.  This does not mean cutting down all the important parts of your video, but again finding the core of your message.

A simple message can be a very powerful message.  When used correctly, this idea of keeping a core idea simple will have a very profound effect on your audience.  It will keep them engaged and coming back to see future Gloopts.

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Videos for Key Components to Create Likable Social Media Profile

Using the right script for your video and using your videos at the right time for their target audience will have better success at driving traffic to their website. When you create short videos for your marketing campaign that drives and results in likes, shares, and tweets, etc., you will definitely drive users to your website and end up on landing pages.

People Want to Know What’s Hot and ‘In from the Experts and Leaders

They want to know and learn from your expertise. They don’t want messages that is drummed onto them. The right balance of tips, advice, tutorials, and education, will create a “likable” video marketing campaign.

Advertise and use keywords in your video title to describe exactly what your product or service is about. Be consistent and dynamic when presenting “value” in your video. Make sure your message is in harmony in your videos.

Create a Complete and Original Image Selection

Visuals and images elevate content and perk your message. Be sure to select a couple image themes that you can incorporate into your video, whether they are logo colors or brief photo images. Give your brand color and sensational vibes from the images to give an emotional impact on the viewers.

Your Brand Voice Should Stimulate Too

Be consistent and be sure your tone and voice will be understood by your audience. Your voice, tone and frequency of messaging and the kinds of messages in your video should be informative and brings new or insightful information. This creates “likable” content.Download Gloopt here!

How Videos Help to Create Shares on Social Media Marketing Campaign

There are many reasons viewers share video content. Videos help promote some of these good reasons. They are why people feel compelled to talk about products or trends.

People want to share when the following occurs within consumers

  • Product-involvement and participation. They have used the specific product and found the experience strong enough to share with family and friends.
  • Self-involvement. There are those who are professionally or personally affiliated with the brand and thus, may share certain media pertaining to it.
  • To get the word out about the causes or brands. Often, people know others who affiliate with a certain cause, and want to share it within their social circles.
  • People share to bring value and entertainment to others.

Good Content for Videos that People will Share and Recommend

  • Educational content that gives information and makes an emotional impact.
  • Entertaining content in videos with humorous speech, talk, and maybe jokes appropriate to relevant material will be widely shared.
  • Inspirational or motivational content where you can stir emotions with your passion and evoke reactions can bring huge sharing results.

Most Frequently Shared Items

  • Videos that are active campaigns with promotions, freebies, sales, etc. with social media platforms that allow you to quickly share current promotions or contents.
  • People follow your video blog posts and subscribe because they are interested in your brand and the content you produce.
  • Product description videos should always be informative and relevant.Download Gloopt here!

How to Create a Series of Short Videos with a Uniting Theme

What is Your Theme or “Story”

First, the “story” or the theme is at the heart of your series. What are you essentially telling people? Is it good news about a new product offering? Is it recent developments in your business or company that could provide additional savings to your customers or bring added value?

Do a Storyline Video Series

Perhaps you have figured out or discovered a new solution to a problem that your customers have. Whatever the “news item,” you can do a storyline in a series of short videos that can send out the message to the audience of your developments or your story.

Your First Second Video – What Are Your Credentials?

If you have an idea of a story you want to tell them, then you need to show the credentials you have to be an expert at your story. You need to think about the purpose of your story. Is it the initial steps of being just informational or more advertising and marketing?

Credentials are critical for the audience to listen well to your story and “buy” into your pitch or your information. Your credibility is your selling point. So establish your credentials immediately with the first video.

Your Second Video – Your Product

The second video can be about the product offering or recent developments. It can be the “news” item that pitches the solution to the problem that your customers have.

Your Third Video – A Call To Action

The third video may be an extended Call to Action. This may give additional information on what steps they need to take in order to buy from you or to find out more information about the product offering.

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It’s No Longer Expensive to Produce Videos; You Can Now Create Videos within a Budget

You can shoot a video with the iPhone or the iPad. But before you start shooting, you need a plan for your new video project. There are some free online tools such as a webapp called Logline, Celtx, and Adobe Story Free are also great for scriptwriting.

Your Equipment Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

You can get an inexpensive camera, but we recommend that you use your iPhone or iPad to do the video shooting. You can get quality results especially if you know how to use lighting to adjust the shadowing and framing of your video. Good lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. You can buy a lamp for $20-$30 and light the “stage” and give a professional quality to the video shoot. Learn the basic lighting set ups for videos and you’re on your way.

Your Video Editing Software

Our Gloopt App is the easiest way to edit your videos, including editing clips, adding background music, titles, and the like. iMovie on your Mac has editing features, but is unnecessary with Gloopt. You can also purchase editing software for as low as $100 such as Screenflow. However, software other than Gloopt is significantly more complicated with a learning curve. Gloopt makes your task easy.

Use Only Necessary Equipment

What is important is that you know how to use the equipment that you do have. And you keep to the plan and research on how to use your budget equipment to stabilize your camera shots and use lighting to give a professional look and feel.

Making videos is cheaper now. Just be sure that your main items are your iPhone, iPad, lights, and editing software. In other words, “lights, camera, and action” are still the main ingredients to a good filming process.Download Gloopt here!

Why You Need an Explainer Video to Promote Your Business

It’s true that how much time your visitors stay on your website influences Google’s algorithm for search rankings. This is an important reason why explainer videos have boomed. It is affordable and has shown proven effectiveness for growing a business. You can increase your conversion rates. You can clarify your product offering, and boost sales.

First, increasing conversion rates is part of the process

Explainer videos help budding business owners. They keep track of how many visitors go on their sites and actually become customers. Explainer videos also keep a record of what product the prospect is interested in by showing the number of views on each video.

The explainer video clarifies the product offering

Since text can be tricky, showing versus just reading demonstrates to the potential customer with visual imagery what the product offering is about. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Now imagine that combined with audio explanation, how much greater the clarity and impact it would be for the prospect.

Explainer videos also generate more social signals

Mixed media with images, audio, visual, and spoken speech or talk are more engaging than just plain written text. It also helps your audience to retain information. This means potential increase in word-of-mouth advertising and promotion.

Explainer videos also liven up your pitch

An engaging script can help promote you, your company, and your product offering. It can grab audience attention, is easily shareable, and most important, showcase your personality, “you” representing your business.

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