How to Make Your Video Message Stick (Part 3)

In order to ensure your video and message will be remembered, you need to take out any abstraction or ambiguity.  Your idea must be concrete.


For an idea to be concrete, it ought to be specific.  We understand abstract math problems by assigning numbers or symbols to the words.  In a similar way, we have to make our abstract message more concrete in order for it to stick.

Concreteness helps us to better understand an idea and makes it easy to remember.

In applying concreteness to your video, think about what words or phrases are more likely to stick with your audience.  It has been proven that physical objects or phrases, such as “new products”, are more memorable than abstract ideas, such as “innovation”.

When thinking about the next Gloopt you will create, think about how to make your message concrete and memorable, how to make your message stick.

Series of Short Videos Create Content Marketing to Establish Authority and Expertise in Your Industry

You may not be able to say it all in one short video. People may not be able to listen to everything you have to say in one video. Short videos are good to keep your viewer’s attention span. It should have just enough information to hook your audience and feed off their interest.

What it Means to Persuade Them with a Video

You have to address the questions they have. That means doing your homework and figuring out what their questions are. You are the expert and authority, so this means you must know something about the customers’ problems and needs. Address it in your series. Identify your credentials. Address the problem and needs. And talk about your solution. Show them how it works.

Give Them Reasons Why They Should Believe You and Follow You

Why are you the person to believe and not the others or your competition? Your content should be about how you solved other people’s problems. How did you help them with their needs with your product or service offering? How did you bring solutions to the table with your unique and different ideas? How are you better? You must answer those questions. Be ready to show that you are better than your competition.

Content Marketing is Words After All

Even though this is video and visuals are involved, language is still going to make the bulk of your consumable content. Your words and talk are going to be at the heart of what they listen to and follow through on. Be careful and be smart about the words you choose to say on your video.Download Gloopt here!

How Short Videos Can Convert Viewers into Customers with Relevant Information

In the first few seconds of your short video, you should identify yourself. This should be the hook as in what is it about you that should gain interest from the viewer. Address this ‘reason’ for attention to audience simply by stating your authority or expertise in the area of the why they are watching your video or ended up on your landing page.

Help Your Audience Continue the Interest with a Pitch

Give them what they’re looking for. Offer a hook, a reason, a pitch, either with humor or some catchy insight as to what the problem is and why they are seeking out the solution. Show the window to what the solution may be. Clearly state the problem and why you are here to solve the problem for them with your product or service offering.

Give Them the Relevant Information

Now explain what you can do for them. In your video show your audience with your conversation and actions that you are the best qualified to help them with their needs. Describe, in a few words, what makes you the best. Use clear wording. Be direct. Use power words. Don’t hesitate to communicate clearly.

Be Ready for Conversion

Conversion occurs when your audience believes you. If you establish yourself as the expert and authority, and give the relevant information to satisfy their curiosity, you will be more likely to have a customer.Download Gloopt here!

5 Ways to Write a Script to Build Your Company’s Reputation, Trust, and Loyalty with Customers

Coming up with a script isn’t anything new. All the conventional wisdoms of marketing 101 come into play. When you create the content for your video script even if it is for a short video there are some key points to remember.

  1. Treat your customers right. Be genuine in your interaction. Use words that will instill trust. Use honest information and facts. Share experiences whether they’re your own or other customers’ that are relevant to the viewers’ experiences. Don’t be afraid to name or identify yourself in the process.
  2. Don’t come on too strong. Be subtle in your messaging. Cue your viewers into what to expect from your video content. Use your talk to talk and help them through the process of understanding a solution, how a product works, or how your business can improve their lives, but use suggestions, and recommendations. Be persuasive, not commanding.
  3. Do your homework and always listen. Find out what your customers are saying. Address this in your videos. Talk about the problems your customers have and use some of the language they use. They will feel you understand them better.
  4. Treat customers like they are valued partners. Use feedback seriously and try doing a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) interview.
  5. Build trust. Show sensitivity to customers’ needs and wants. Talk about the good and bad of what is out there in the market. Use intelligent discussion and show transparency. Be honest about yourself. Transparency engages the audience and builds their trust.Download Gloopt here!

How to Pique Viewers’ Curiosity with Your Short Videos

Use headlines in your videos that are attention grabbers. Language is half the job in your short videos. Remember, colorful language that is descriptive, power verbs, dynamic adjectives, and strong key terms are going to grab attention. They will show off your smarts, your knowledge, and your authority. They are also going to intrigue your audience as to how you know so much.

Use the Advantage of Visuals and Imagery in Your Video Offerings

Remember, an image captures things that words can’t say. When your audience is watching you in front of the camera, ask yourself what else you can do to intrigue them and get their attention. Use gestures, either hand, or body language. Be mindful of your facial expressions. Use direct eye contact with the camera; a direct gaze will engage the viewer and more likely encourage trust. Hand gestures emphasize. A smile encourages, inspires, and motivates. Simple things like sitting up straight show leadership. Other body language positions will indicate levels of comfort and authority. This will help you to promote you, and what you represent, your business and product.

Keep Your Talk Concise and Consumable

Even in a short video that is one minute long, you will have to win the attention of your viewer. That means keeping your message concise, direct, and easy to understand. Don’t make it difficult for them to connect with your message. Spoon feed your message by creating talking in a way that is conversational, friendly, informative, and relevant to what they want to hear and learn about. Remember, it’s about them.Download Gloopt here!

7 Steps to a Business Video that Explains What You Do Best

Having the right foundation is key for your explainer video. That involves having a well-written and engaging script. In order to have a persuasive script, you need to prepare by knowing your audience, developing a clear and main message, and a push-pull call-to-action. Here’s how to do it in 7 steps.

  1. Keep a short script.
  2. Put your main message within the first half minute of your video. Your first 10-15 seconds are critical. The first one or two sentences are the hook. So watch what you say. Minimize slack in the beginning and make a dramatic entrance.
  3. Speak to audience directly. Use personal pronouns such as “you” and “your.” Focus on their interests and engage them with information they are seeking and want to know about.
  4. Use the right tone. Find the voice which is conversational, friendly, useful, and informative. Keep it light and use a mental picture of the type of customers you are speaking to and maintain a “dialogue” with your audience.
  5. Tell a story. Your explainer video should present a problem or conflict, bring a solution to the table, and explain how it works. Then, a guide to a call-to-action as in “here’s how” demonstration for what the consumer should do next.
  6. Use humor appropriately. Funniness and fun are effective story-telling techniques. But be sure to use it wisely.
  7. Pace yourself. Speak carefully and slowly, between 125-150 words per minute.Download Gloopt here!

Short, Innovative, to the Point Marketing Videos Can Give Advice to Customers

Start off by telling your story in 3 acts. Follow the basic format of:

  1. Who I am
  2. What I do
  3. How my product, company, or idea is different

Identify Yourself Early

This establishes your identity and why you are important to the market and the trends and growths, basically to the customers out there. With that established. This allows for the next step of stating: Why “you” buy, invest, or support me now.

The 3 Act Story Structure

Your video should resemble the typical story with 3 elements:

  1. The setup. You, the main character and what the audience should expect from you. Basically, why should the user care?
  2. The conflict. What is the problem, including data and examples and supporting reasons. How will your product or service offering or idea make the viewer’s idea better?
  3. The resolution. Bring the solution and provide a better future with your offering and leave reasons for hope. Rally for a clear call to action. Give them a reason to ask what action they need to take.

Follow the 3 Act Flow

  1. Why
  2. How
  3. What
  1. Why is this important?
  2. How am I supposed to deal with it?
  3. What am I supposed to do?

Answer these questions and you will show them the path to a better future. You give them a reason to care, an answer to their problems, and what they need to do get that solution.

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Why Videos Can not Only Generate Leads but Result in Conversion Success

Why video? People love looking at pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Videos which include moving imagery and audio could be double, triple, or even more at an accelerated rate. Video, with its entertainment factor, offers a huge sales potential. Why does video marketing show huge potential in successfully converting users to customers? Here’s how.

  • Transparency = Trust. If you speak to your audience in an honest, conversational voice about your product and company, you will engage them into a trusting or believing viewer.
  • Pscyhology: the human effect. If people see what you look like and hear your voice, that provides the human touch. People are more touched when they see a person behind the words and even more so when they hear your spoken words.
  • Bounce rate is reduced. A short video will more likely keep attention rather than a long article on your website. People would rather watch and listen and be viewers than be readers.
  • Storytelling: tell your mission and vision. How are you different and unique from the rest? Show your difference and why you are better at helping the consumer than your competition.
  • Share the Success Formula. Identify the problem, provide the solution, and explain how your product or service fills the need of the consumers. Explain how it works.
  • Call to Action. Be sure to provide an easy CTA button and words of encouragement or persuasion.Download Gloopt here!

How Video Captures the Expert’s Knowledge, Insights, and ‘Know How’

First, you need to identify who has the knowledge (you) and owns the business and provides the product or service offering as a result. Coming up with this identification of you and your staff who qualifies to be on this list is critical to establish your credentials. Interview yourself or a key staff member. Show yourself or your member on the camera. Ask relevant questions that will interest your audience and is useful to them.

A Video Can Capture Your Knowledge

The content of what you say on camera matters a lot. It is substance. Don’t overly ‘dumb down’ your presentation to the audience. Throw in a few technical terms and then, explain carefully in simple language by rephrasing the term in a sentence or two. Engage the audience by educating and teaching them about their problems or solutions which they hadn’t thought existed or knew nothing about. This innovative or original idea will help establish your position as an authority and expert.

Try an Interview for Storyboard

An effective technique is the interview process. FAQs can be asked and you can answer them in an interview-like review of your knowledge and expertise. This can showcase that you know the answers and can tease out the solutions to the dilemmas and problems of the viewers.

Finish off with an additional insight or a teaser fact that may further interest or engage your audience. This will result into the next step of call to action.

Download Gloopt here!

Why Online Video is Most Effective to Get a Quick Impact to Provoke, Inspire, and Excite

Online video is important to consumers directly. This is because unlike TV, online videos are selected by the consumer rather than being pushed to them. The result is that they have a better understanding of the value proposition. What are the results? The impact can be huge. Videos can provoke, inspire, motivate, and excite the users. This channels into conversion success. Here’s how.

Online Video is Becoming the First Stop for Many Customers

When searches are made, videos often show up in the results. Online video is great for “showing” the featured person representing your business, “you.” You show your story by talking to the audience. You speak to your consumers and thus, provoke them into engagement right away.

Video as Demos and Tutorials

You can inspire viewers with how-to tutorials or demos. You can motivate them with your speech or talk. You channel energy and vision with your spoken words. Basically, you can excite and inspire your audiences. What occurs when that happens? They are more likely to believe in you and your product offering. Then, conversion rates occur.

Quick Effect and Impact

It’s important in the fast pace of the internet market, that you grab the attention and hold it through effective techniques in the videos. Short videos with powerful language and an engaging script are the way to go. In April 2012, ComScore reported that the average viewer watched nearly 22 hours of video in a single month. ‘You have under a minute to captivate your potential clients.’

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