How to Use Gloopt to Create a One Minute Video to Inform Your Viewers

Are you considering making a short informational video? Gloopt is by far the easiest way to complete your video. With a few quick steps you can record your video, add titles, add music if desired, edit out any mistakes, and have a finished video presentation in a few minutes.

If you are outgoing and have a good grasp of the details you want to include, set up your iPhone or iPad for filming and go for it. Gloopt will tell you when you need to wrap it up to stay within one minute.

Otherwise, for the rest of us who aren’t so good at “winging it,” here are some steps to get ready. These steps should get you well on your way:

  1. Install the Gloopt App on your iPhone or iPad.

  2. Write down anything you can think of that you may want included in the video. Go back over it and put in logical order. Create a list of material you will discuss in the video: topic, main points, conclusion-call to action.

  3. Fill in the details under each topic. Make a list of main points. Remember one minute isn’t long. Only a few sentences or categories can fit.

  4. Gather any props/display material (graph, photos, other item(s)) you want to use as visual aids. They aren’t necessary however.

  5. Take your list and any prop(s) and do a “dry run.” Feel free to record it to see how you look. This will also tell you what amount of material to use for a one minute video. You may be surprised how good the result is. Just add information for the text display and you are done.

  6. If you make mistakes, you can edit out the bad parts and re-record them, or delete your test video and get ready to re-record your brief talk. You have complete control.

  7. Talk as if you are across the table from your friend who is the audience. That usually produces the best, most friendly, results. It is also the easiest.

  8. Add any text, introduction, music, etc.

  9. If desired, ask for feedback from your friend you pretended to be talking to.

  10. You are done!

Download Gloopt here!

How to Use Gloopt to Create a One Minute Video to Sell Your Product

Introducing your product by video just became much simpler. With your iPhone or iPad you can create a one minute video. Gloopt has created a new app that makes video creation easier than ever.

Just download the Gloopt app and you are ready to add titles, background music and start shooting. Gloopt tools make it simple.

Feature Your Product in Action

Depending on your product, your video can make your product the visual subject of your video. It can be the center of your video. You can remain behind the scenes.

Or Feature Yourself or Another Person Using Your Product

You can appear in the video and show the product to your viewers. You can also have a typical user demonstrate the best features of your product. Either way, show the main features of your product.

How does your product most benefit the buyer or user? Show your viewer. More importantly, show the feature or features that are the most important to users. What feature will they gravitate toward? Why will they remember your product? How will it help them?

  • When preparing your video ask questions:
  • How does my product benefit the user?
  • Does it save the user money?
  • Does it save the user time?
  • Does it save the user frustration?
  • Does it give the user peace of mind / confidence / extra skills / other advantages?

How is your product superior to the competition? What features does it have that are lacking in competitive products? What clunky features does it do better?

Download your Gloopt App from the App Store today to show the world your product. It couldn’t be easier than Gloopt.

Download Gloopt here!

Do You Enjoy Cooking? Create a One Minute Video to Let Others Enjoy It Too!

Your friends love your cooking. Many may be surprised how easy it is for you to prepare. Sharing the steps you use will let others enjoy the same scrumptious dishes you serve to your friends.

Gloopt has an easy to use app for making one minute videos on your iPhone or iPad. You can set it up in your kitchen, push the record link, and you have a video in no time. Just explain it as you record and you are done. You can insert titles, background music, and other aids if you like.

Since the video is only one minute long, viewers know your recipe will be easy. If there are details that make it go over a minute, make a second video showing those. For example, if there is a topping – a separate ingredient – a second video would be keep you from being hurried.

You can tailor you videos to different groups. Bachelors need to cook too! Most want it simple and easy, but delicious. Working mothers need recipes that don’t take a long time to prepare.

By practicing your talk, you can check its length. It is surprising to most people how few sentences will fill up a minute video.

If you like to be on the video, ai your iPhone or iPad so you can been seen. If not, you can aim it at the food your are preparing. Making your video is easy even if you are camera-shy.

Your Gloopt Video App is just a quick download away. Find out how easy it is to make videos your viewers will enjoy. They will also enjoy the results – Yum!

Download Gloopt here!

Build Brand Awareness and Advantage by Showing Who You Are

Better visibility

Better visibility through short clips of video of who you are can create brand awareness. Exposure and spotlights of your product brand is done through the proper digital marketing channel. The most is important is through social media. Show who you are on social media with one minute videos. Remember, you represent your product and brand.

Making Yourself Known

Emerging social media platforms can give your business potential access to to 2.046 billion active social media accounts. Many small businesses and marketers integrate social media and showcase their profile to represent their products and services. Advantages and benefits from these “short” campaigns of one minute Gloopt videos of the business owner, CEO, or entrepreneur can build brand awareness quickly and effectively. This means leads are generated through increased traffic using videos in social media and spending less time each week on short videos and social media marketing.

Small and medium business users can’t overlook that social media and video go hand in hand to capture the audience with a video of who you are. Capturing the audience means capturing and creating a market niche. Boost brand awareness and focus on combining the right social media channel with short one minute videos from Gloopt. Show your face, show your product, and build brand within a minute. The minute video is an effective technique for being a display of you on a platform. It is a quick ad that reveals you and your business, what you’re about and what your product can do for the consumers and what customers can benefit from.

Download Gloopt here!
Download Gloopt here!

What is Better: Organic vs Social Media Sources of Website Traffic “Hits”?

When driving traffic to your site, there are many ways to get visitors. There are search engine (organic) or social media hits. These two main channels which individuals and businesses invest time and money in may be simplified by reaching visitors with short videos.

Thriving businesses can target marketing channels with affordable, cheap ways to market and reach out to target markets. Rather than choosing organic or social media, Gloopt allows your video to get your company out there and get noticed by using both.

Think about people’s habits, when looking for something, from a service or a product, where do they go first? Probably, a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo or many other options available. It is known that consumers use search engines to help them in product research before making a purchase. Your video has to fill this need.

Social Media searches are another source of driving traffic to your site. Hyperlinks and third party links, as well as your own entry, can send people to your video. These entries help users identify specific information about content, brand mentions, even other users. A robust search within social media channels can lead consumers and customers to your website. You can get more exposure and spread information on your company and business by optimizing redundant information that helps promote or highlight other related topics.

Whether you want organic or social media sources, one minute videos can help drive more traffic and be available for consumers who are researching their area of interest. Gloopt minute videos can drive more traffic and so you can target both organic and social media sources with affordability. Download your Gloopt app today.

Download Gloopt here!
Download Gloopt here!

Market to Unlimited Target Audiences with Many Short Videos

Now you can create the ultimate branding while entertaining your audience. Short videos enable endless possibilities. Your savvy original ideas can highlight and promote your product and business in one minute or less.

Target the young, target the mature and sophisticated, target city or suburbanites, target multi-cultural communities. Target prospects and clients through Gloopt’s viewer-friendly minute video app (download link below). Create an effective marketing video simply with an iPhone or iPad. Identify and relate with your customers, and show how fun, simply casual, and attainable your product is.

Quick Steps to Create Your Video

  • Visualize the one person in a group who represents the ideal prospect.

  • Imagine speaking or messaging directly to that person in the video.

  • Determine the overall message you want to convey to your customers.

  • Make sure your dialogue is clear and succinct and to the point.

Making An Effective Video

  • Provide value to the customers with information.

  • Capture their attention with short, fun, and informative message, giving advice, a solution to a problem, or teaching them with a how-to-steps.

  • Remember always, its one minute, so it’s got to be fast, very fast. The message might be one to three lines of quotes.

  • And at the end, give a call to action, like “click on this link”, etc.

Don’t forget to identify yourself so viewers can find you. You may include a hyperlink to a website at the top of the description. Use various social media and channels to distribute widely as possible. You can send out e-newsletters, upload to Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, as well as embed it to your website.

Download Gloopt here!
Download Gloopt here!

Easy Steps to Build Online Audience with One-Minute Video

There are over 1 billion visitors to YouTube every month – promote your business to this monumental user base with a video ad. Gloopt allows you to build quick, informative, and entertaining videos in one minute with your iPhone or iPad.

These quick videos are current and modern for the fast—paced lifestyles of online audience members. One minute videos inform for those with limited time. Short attention spans also are engaged with entertaining and fast videos.

Get your mobile device, set it on video, whether it is a selfie-video or someone video-taping you, there are just a few steps. Now there is no need to get extra and costly camera equipment and the professional videographer.

The easy step is setting up the video with a click of your mobile device, like a photograph shot with the phone. The camera films your video in one minute and editing or re-filming is so easy and doable. Home-made video is original, entertaining, quick, fast, and easy.

Step 1: download the Gloopt App from the App Store or the link below.

Step 2: set your iPhone or iPad on video.

Step 3: edit your video.

Step 4: upload your video to site.

All by yourself. Video done single-handedly in 3 easy steps. Cost-saving and easy.

With your mobile device, it’s perfect to do a one minute commercial, ad, infomercial, testimonial, or introduction. You can capture the spontaneity, the fun, the information, quick facts, and pass the word on about your business, product, or service. Promotion with audiences, online, and on the web, has never been so easy.

Visit to download our software to make you one minute video on you iPhone or iPad.

Download Gloopt here!
Download Gloopt here!

Build an Effective Online Audience with One Minute

People are starting to realizing the power of video to build their brand, but how can a one minute video build an online audience?

Here are some tips as to how to build an online audience with one minute.

Engagement with a One Minute Video

Targeted Audience

Which would you rather have? 1,000 viewers who do not care much about your product or message, or 10 viewers who are avid promoters of your message?

Most of us would want the 10 extremely loyal followers.

Sure it may be easier to buy followers, particularly on social media, yet this is not nearly as effective as having organic followers.

The 10 dedicated viewers will share your message or video to their own followers, thereby increasing visibility.  Compare this to the 1,000 mediocre followers, who in most cases will not share your message at all.

Once you have created your message or video, share it with the right people.  Doing so will get you the right followers you need, ones that will believe in your message it and share it themselves.

Gain Trust

People will come back to your site, watch more videos, and buy your products or services only if they trust you.

In order to develop this trust, you must have credibility.  Become an expert in the field you are talking about.

Giving out information and tips on a specific topic helps to give you this credibility needed to build the trust between you and your audience.

In addition to consuming content, viewers want to get to know the author.  The easiest way to do this, other than recording a video, is by showing your personality.

Show that you care about your audience.  Insert individual personality when providing advice or answering questions, let your audience get to know you!

Have a Vision

This is the most important aspect when thinking about your online audience.

How are you truly going to help these people?  How does your information or approach differ from other experts in the field?  Why should people take the time to listen to your message?

People want to believe they did not waste their time after listening to your message.  So encourage them, inspire them!

You will have the most effective online audience if you inspire them to accomplish new goals and make changes to their own lives.  They will continue to come back to your site if they believe they are gaining something from it.

Before you help others realize their own vision, make sure you have a long-term vision for yourself.


See how Gloopt can help you build your own online audience, using the power of one minute.

Download Gloopt here!
Download Gloopt here!