People Who Communicate Clearly – Your Personal Interactions – Create a One Minute Video

When is communicating clearly important? Always, sometimes, seldom, never? What specific, memorable, examples come to mind?

When is necessary to always be clear? What are the consequences of doing so or not being clear when it is necessary?

What instances come to mind when it is good, but not necessary? What are examples of each in your experience?

Are there times it is better to be a little vague? If so, why? What are examples that would illustrate that? Is it at work, in your personal life, elsewhere?

Is Clarity Always Good?

What about times it is absolutely necessary to be unclear – or downright deceptive? … not to hurt somebody’s feelings? … to prevent somebody who is dangerous from hurting others … to get the information out as fast as possible with no delay for details? What have you seen or experienced?

Many people have examples of at least some of these in their lives. Have you seen people protected – or hurt – by either extreme or one in the middle? Share it to give others guidelines and examples why certain methods are best in various situations.

Gloopt lets you create your one minute video with ease. This iPhone / iPad App is designed for ease of use. You don’t need video editing experience. Gloopt’s programmers did the hard work for you. Just set up your device and discuss your experiences. Choose some background audio if desired, at a title, your name and you have a finished video.

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How to Use Gloopt to Create a One Minute Video to Instruct Your Viewers

Do you have a skill viewers would be intersted in? If so, make a one minute video with your iPhone or iPad with the Gloopt App.

By explaining how you perform your skill in one minute, you keep it simple and give your students the basics. The best athletes always concentrate on basics. That principle is true in many other pursuits as well.

Simple vs. Complex Subjects

With an academic subject, have a way to write your message as you speak. I reinforces your message. If you are “old school,” write on a chalkboard or whiteboard. Or you can use various electronic devices to draw as you speak. It is possible to create a written presentation in advance on your iPad and incorporate it into your video.

With a simple subject, you can speak and cover the basics. With a complex topic, visual aids cover the details quickly while staying within the one minute limit.

The Advantage of a One Minute Video

With the amount of information coming at us every day, your one minute video is a tremendous advantage, Viewers know they will see an overview, get their basic questions answered and not waste their time.

If there is more detail to cover, you can make another video for that portion of your message. Viewers who who want only an overview, and viewers who want more detail get what they desire. This also breaks done the task into manageable pieces. It makes your task as video creator easier.

Download your Gloopt App today and find out how easy it is to make short, to-the-point videos your viewers will enjoy and find useful.

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What Do I Say or Put in My Video to Get the Viewer to Follow the Call to Action?

First, you might want to become the “cheerleader” and inspiration of your company or someone who represents this aspect in front of the camera. Whether it is you or someone else who can inspire the audience, it is important that the person who speaks in the video can directly communicate and get the message across to the viewers and consumers.

Communication is key here. There should be a direct connection with the audience and a level of information passed on which the consumer finds helpful. This kind of helpfulness to the consumer leads to making decisions about product and service choices.

Solve a Problem for Your Viewers

The speaker should inform the audience with clear communication about how the product can help find the solution or be the solution to the dilemma or problem, or just plain, the right choice for what they are looking for. The communication should be compelling. The words should not attempt to sell, but more to help, suggest, recommend, and ultimately, convince the viewer and consumer, that you are helping them.

Your Spokesperson is the Face of Your Business

When picking the spokesperson, consider yourself or the person in the office who encourages and has a smile for everyone. This kind of natural enthusiasm may be the on-camera inspirational talent that you may need.

Be consistent with the encouraging language, words, communication and enthusiasm from the speaker. The energy coming forward should motivate, inspire, and encourage the viewer to make “informed” and “right” choices and decisions about what to do and follow your call to action.

Gloopt’s one minute video app makes using you iPhone or iPad an easy way to create your video. Gloopt lets you use your energy being creative.

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What 3 Things Should a Video Have to Be Memorable?

You are here to tell a story. Most likely a brief description of how your company, product, or service can help the viewer and consumer. You capture a moment, an interesting moment, with one shot.

Tell the Story

Keep it simple. Tell the story in less than a minute. Gloopt’s short video is a quick and easy access for the viewer to get information, knowledge, be entertained, and persuaded to action. This “story” is key to a call to action.

Get in the Shot

Get in the shot and present yourself. You represent your company, the brand, and the product. Show confidence and ease. Show your face and it is a good way to engage. Because when people watch videos, they are consuming intimately. Be sure to think about how close to keep your iPhone or iPad to your head to look your best.

Deliver the Punchline

Remember the punch line. This is important, as you may make the viewer laugh, teach a lesson, or educate, but also definitely sell with this punchline. It is the one line impact that may brand you instantly in a few seconds with a good slogan.

This punchline is also the most powerful part of your video since it may persuade to a call to action and sell your product. Be sure to save this funny part for the end, creating the greatest impact, and a lasting impression.

There are 3 things to make a memorable video:

  • you tell the story
  • get in the shot
  • deliver the punchline in one minute

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Video Messaging is Becoming More Popular and Dominant

Video messaging is becoming more popular with the use of media sources such as Skype and YouTube. This type of messaging has become simplified as iPhones and iPads can now record in a couple steps. You can upload the video on Gloopt’s site or transfer it via phone to another device, your computer or your mobile.

Advantages of One Minute Videos

Many reasons explain the popularity of videos. The experience of watching a video is highest and closest to simulation of an actual experience. It is far superior to text only in an instructional mode. In other words, reading may not be enough in order to learn. It certainly isn’t as motivating. Watching a video can teach second only to in-person communication.

The short one-minute video can also offer audio, visual, and textual information. Those provide rich and well-rounded information gathering for the viewer or audience.

Video messaging is:

  • instant
  • quicker than reading
  • easy to access
  • now, convenient to produce using Gloopt’s one minute video production process

With Gloopt it is now simple. “Videotape” using your iPhone or iPad, and make edits. Create backgrounds, add music, edit audio and visual.

You can create your own advertisement or commercial and message to broader audiences using short videos. You can market to segmented audiences and viewers in separate videos with a unifying theme. This can increase your ability to reach and target a greater market share by individual segment and increase yout customer base.

The simple videotaping process, easy access to video by audience, makes video messaging more popular and makes more sense than ever before.

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How to Make Your Video Shine and Be Notable

In order for your video to shine and be noted, you must form a genuine connection with your audience. You can use certain tricks to become popular and connect with your viewer. To create a successful video, you should be able to entertain the viewer.

Be Culturally Relevant

You should demonstrate and be culturally relevant. Keeping your video current with related news or pop culture items and connecting your product with what everyone’s talking about or looking up online will help you become more notable and your product on the spotlight.

Be willing to be consistent with up-keeping and maintaining your videos to remain fresh and give that current feel. This is easy with Gloopt’s short video taken with iPhone or iPad. The steps are simple and easy. So, keeping your videos current and remaining fresh is easy, too.

Use Successful Videos as Examples to Connect with Your Audience

Make videos that respond and connect to other videos and remain in the mainstream. Create parodies which are funny, entertaining, and hugely popular and also a great way to capitalize on other people’s success. This is a way of generating more traffic when the original video is searched, your video may pop up in the search as well.

You can continue to add new content, produce interesting videos that are relevant to your viewers’ lives, and soon, your business, company, and product will get recognized. Branding will occur when relevance to your customers’ lives is demonstrated through your videos.

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Share the Character Traits You Have Found Valuable – Gloopt Helps You Create A One Minute Video

All of us are unique mix of character traits. Some say our traits are primarily inborn. Other say we are a blank slate when born, and our character traits are learned. Many more say it is a combination of the two views.

Character Traits You Have Benefited From

Regardless of the sources of our traits, some character traits are more beneficial than others. Which of your character traits have you found to serve you and others well? Which ones repeatedly have caused you to be productive, successful, loving, supportive? Which ones have kept you out of trouble? Which have gotten you into or out of trouble?

Others can benefit from your insights. Our experiences in life are all a different mix. We can’t directly observe or participate in every experience available. That is where your experiences are valuable for others.

Others Can Benefit From Your Experience

Often we learn major lessons in life almost by accident. Have you? What major lessons have you learned? Which ones were turning points that gave you or others a new outlook?

People with fewer experiences in life can benefit from what you have to offer. Young people in particular can be successful sooner and avoid mistakes. They need your video input.

What areas of life can you discuss? There are many. Here are a few examples. You can probably think of many more:

  • Work traits as an employee, as an owner, as a start up
  • Navigating a marriage – traits that work, traits that need work
  • Being a successful single in your geographic location
  • Traits that lead to a balanced life

Gloopt’s Video App makes recording your video an easy process. You can add extra features like titles, links, and background music. Gloopt is set up for each to be only a few steps. You can even create a teleprompter by typing your ideas in and letting it run while you record.

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Share the Lessons You Have Learned in Life – Use Gloopt to Create a One Minute Video

Most people have major lessons they have learned at important times in their lives. Do You? What turning points have you experienced as life has given you a new outlook?

Young people, with much less experience in life, can benefit from what you have to offer. There are many possibilities:

  • Work experience
  • How to get a promotion
  • How to work in a group
  • How to work alone
  • Nurturing your married life daily
  • Living the single life
  • Your life outlook
  • Taking time to play
  • Taking time to rest
  • Taking vacations

These are just a few examples. As you can imagine, the possibilities are enormous. If you enjoy making your first video, you have lots of potential material.

We have discussed what to cover in your video, but not what tool to use. Gloopt has a very easy to use app for your iPhone and iPad that allows you to create one minute videos. Short videos keep your vierwers’ attention. You can hit the high points and you have filled up a minute quickly. For additional material, a second video can fill in trhe gaps.

Download you Gloopt video App today. We make it simple to add titles and background music. You can also create a teleprompter by typing your ideas in and letting it run while you record. We make it elementary. Try us out. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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How to Use Gloopt to Create a One Minute Video to Inspire Your Viewers

Be Yourself

Gloopt’s One Minute Video App let’s you be yourself. You get to communicate whatever is important to you. Or discuss what you think is important to others.

Do you have a topic you are inspired by? Would it inspire others? If you do, you are doing others a favor by sharing it.

Even if the topic you want to discuss seems mundane and dull, the way you present it makes a great difference. If it has inspired you, explain why. You may be surprised that your topic is not dull after all.

People appreciate good content. With the one minute length, you keep to the basics and easily get your point across to your viewers. It makes being organized much easier.

If you want to discuss sub-topic(s), additional one minute video(s) give you that opportunity. Once you realize how easy it is to add titles, background music and display a link, you will be able to produce the videos very quickly – in a few minutes.

Quick steps to make your one minute Gloopt video:

  • Download the Gloopt App onto your iPad or iPhone.
  • Set up your device to record your talk.
  • If you are out-going and know your subject, just go for it – start recording
  • Even if your first effort needs some work, by recording it, you have material you can edit and use to be on your way
  • Use the example Gloopt video on their site as guides
  • Time your presentation – Gloopt will show you how much time is left as you speak.
  • When you are satisfied, add titles, background music, and link text if any.

Download Gloopt here!

How to Use Gloopt to Create a One Minute Video to Display Your Passion

You have passion for your subject. Let others see it and be inspired! In our day-to-day lives it is easy to get in a rut. By sharing your passion, you can uplift others as your passion uplifts you.

The Gloopt App for your iPad or iPhone gives you a tool for that purpose. Be yourself when you share. Your passion is contagious. Don’t hide it.

Gloopt has designed a tool to make videos surprisingly simple to create. Here are the quick steps.

  • Download the Gloopt App from Apple onto your iPad or iPhone.
  • Figure out the best placement to record your talk.
  • Start recording and say what is one your heart. It is surprising how quickly the minute is gone.
  • If you are experienced or lucky, your first effort is great.
  • Usually you will have more information than can fir in one minute. Pick out the most important parts, time yourself and then re-record.
  • The example videos on the Gloopt website are good guides.
  • Gloopt has a timer so you know how much time you have remaining.
  • When you are satisfied, you can add background music, titles, and link text if any.

Your passion is a magnet to others. Inspiring others helps them and helps you. Do others a favor by sharing it.

How have you been inspired by others? Let us know!

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