The Advantage of Videos is They Can Be Shared across Multiple Channels

YouTube is certainly not the only video channel on the internet. The many channels include:

  • Facebook Profiles, Events, Groups & Pages
  • LinkedIn Profiles, Pages & Groups
  • Google+ Pages (currently not personal profiles)
  • Foursquare
  • Myspace
  • Mixi (Japanese Social Network)
  • Vimeo,, reddit, StumbleUpon, Instagram, edocr, tumblr, evernote, flickr, get Satisfaction, mailchimp, slideshare, storify (via 3rd party apps)

These are just some of the channels out there. The advantage of video is that it can be shared across multiple channels in one form or another.

Video is the New Marketing

The latest form of communication in the social arena is through sharing video clips of social events. Even if the video can’t be directly sent to the viewer and receiver, there are other methods of transferring the video file. Dropbox is one way of importing and exporting video files.

With so many ways of sharing videos, the multiple channels become a great advantage to get the message across. They allow for a broader audience, convenience of access to your video, allowing the capability for popular viewing, and effective and powerful marketing strategy.

Give Your Video More Exposure

A short, one-minute video that can be on multiple channels has great potential to kick start a marketing campaign. It may even result in a viral success which would be the ultimate dream of every company. This would promote your product and lead to great success and may bring your company to the forefront of marketing and business strategy.

Promoting through multiple channels with a short video may be the most effective and powerful marketing strategy available today.

The Gloopt App makes your iPhone or iPad a powerful and easy to use tool for videography.

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How Do Shorter, One Minute Videos Grab More Attention than Longer Videos?

In the modern world today where everything comes and goes very fast, people are busier than ever. They want to be up to date on everything, quickly and efficiently. These are the reasons video is effective. It is a very popular marketing tactic. Short videos are better than longer to capture the ever decreasing attention span of viewers and the public.

Make More Memorable Videos with Gloopt

Short videos are also more memorable due to less content. If the video has highly effective and powerful message in one minute or less, the viewer is likely to remember the video and the message. This type of remembrance is important since it affects the way the viewer and consumer will perceive your business and product even after they have finished viewing your video.

A Call to Action for Busy Viewers

If the video is short, the “call to action” is delivered with high impact, to the point and clinching. The hook of the introduction may also be more powerful due to its brevity.

Sometimes less is more, especially with a video that is one minute or less. When attention span is less and people are increasingly busier, they don’t have time to view a five minute video. A shorter video that delivers the message quickly and directly can be more persuasive and demonstrate superior marketing strategies and selling tactics.

Short videos also have less risk of boring the viewer with longer presentations or wordy dialogue and talk. Rather, short videos present immediate gratification. They present instant information and knowledge to the viewer. Thus, they are given a quick, brief, and on-the-go message that appeals many viewers with busy schedules.

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Are Videos the Newest Mainstream Channel for Promotion and Marketing?

With today’s technology and mobile devices videos are becoming increasingly popular. Film or video footage is readily available on laptops and desktops.

Content-Based Video Marketing

Content-based marketing strategy is increasing today. And in this case, video provides the maximal level of content delivery. Your video gives images and visuals, talk, speech, and sound. Incorporating images and visuals to your audio information is beneficial to your marketing campaign.

Image-based promotions and marketing campaigns such as through video has at least double the impact. You deliver your message and along with it, visuals to give a more complete and rounded story of your company or product.

Why Video Promotion is Successful

Since video is so much easier to view than reading and easier to access than radio, it is the most effective channel for marketing online to reach broader audiences. These cross demographics to both the young and mature. The broad audience capabilities make videos popular. They are an increasing method or advertising and public relations for companies to bring attention and promote their products and image.

Why Using the Gloopt App to Make Your Videos is Better

Video mirrors TV commercial ads, but Gloopt’s one minute video is done simply and easily. It is entering the latest mainstream of internet videography with work done by you. Since the steps for uploading videos are easier than ever, videos may now become the main source of promotion due to easier access for viewer and easier steps for the producer.

With your iPad or iPhone you can easily create a video to promote your business, share great ideas, or instruct your viewers.

Your audience benefits from the simple ease of viewing the video and its contents. You, the producer, and company benefits from the simple easiness of video production and putting it up on the web. This easy convenience makes video simple and popular.

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Should My One Minute Video Address a Broad Audience in It’s Marketing Message?

This all depends on your video campaign. Who is your customer? Who are your prospects and consumers? Based on these questions, you should have assessed whether your target market has a narrow or broad target audience.

Start with Your Known Audiences

There is no right answer to these questions. And at this stage in your campaign, you may not have the answer to how broad of an audience you should address. Simply understand that previously there was disconnect for branding between consumers and the marketing channels. This was due to poor communication between social media as the tool at the brand level and an incorrect understanding of who the customer actually was.

Make a Connection

Messages in video form are more than just a call to action. There is a reason that the CTA is only “part” of the video marketing. Selling even in video format is more than instructing the viewer what to do. Rather, it also has the ability to form relationships between the brand and the consumer/viewer. This is done through the storytelling and informing the viewer.

  • Give help
  • Give tips
  • Give information
  • Give knowledge
  • Give solutions

These create that audience base who will follow you through your campaign. So, the kind of campaign you produce and the message you give off will lead you to decide whether to address a broad audience or a narrower, targeted audience.

Remember, there are advantages to both. A broad audience needs a broader message so it is more informing. For a narrow, targeted audience, you can create a more relationship-builder message.

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How to Use the Viewer’s Curiosity in a Video for Marketing and Selling

It is important to note that video campaigning is not about just one video, but a series of videos. In this case, generating curiosity and interest is key to gaining an audience and building a customer base.

Gain Viewer Trust with Your Introduction

In order to attract viewers and gain audience, you must, in your video, gain their trust initially with an introduction. It should be within seconds of the beginning. It must be quick and effective. You should pique or spark the viewer’s interests and thus, engage their curiosity.

The most effective way is addressing something which is pertinent or relevant to the viewer’s interest. It may be a solution to the problem they are having. It may be information which will benefit them and give them an advantage. It may be help that a product or service you provide that will assist them to get ahead.

Whatever the issue is, addressing the viewers and their interests and what goes on in their personal lives will generate curiosity. This will gain trust, too, since you are directly relating to what is important to the viewer.

Generate Further Curiosity

Next step is to tease the rest of the video with relevant and pertinent information. Facts, how-tos, steps, and information about what is relevant to the viewers’ areas of interest can further generate curiosity.

This level of engagement and curiosity will create a “fan base.” That fan base is your targeted audience and market, and potential customer base. It shows your video campaign has been successful by has sparking curiosity.

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Social Media Brand Building: Short Videos Effectively Build Online Audiences with Social Content Strategy

You can build your own online audience with Gloopt’s one minute video. If you can teach, entertain, give information and knowledge, or show how-tos, you will be able to build an audience and “fan” base.

Optimize Your Social Content Strategy

The key is to optimize your social content strategy. This will enable you to create interesting content that connects your business with the viewers’, consumers’, and customers’ interests. You can engage the audience and target market with topics and subjects that are socially relevant to online audiences’ interests.

Provide Content Your Audience is Looking For

The second key is to provide your target audiences with the content they want. Remember who your customers are and remember how your product or service fills that need or want, and create the niche by addressing their desires.

To do this, involves getting to understand more of your target market and your audience and what topics and themes appeal to them. Know their interests and preferences. You can address it in brief scripts that give quick information or facts about their topics of interests.

You teach your target audience and they become your target market by paying attention to your Gloopt video. When this occurs, then persuasion becomes selling. The sales process occurs with the audience being entertained, informed, taught, or given advice and tips of some knowledge.

Your viewers may prefer content with a more visual appeal, with thoughts clearly explained by graphics, pictures and videos. It depends on your audiences – so give them what they want. If you are not sure, make one each way and see which one gets more views.

These types of content can be funny, educational, controversial, and visual – practically anything under the sun. The target audience determines what you’re going to do to create a video. Simple, easy, convenient, and fun—the Gloopt’s one minute video solution to creating audience base for marketing.

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How to Make Videos and Engage Viewers to Call to Action

In video content marketing, you know that a call to action is an absolute must have. It is that crucial prompt which encourages someone to do something. (Hopefully that action is to buy your product or service or further evaluate your product). This prompt and result provides the chance to analyze your video’s effectiveness.

What Are Your Goals?

First, you should assess your goals. Your call to action is to nudge your viewers into doing something. So, what do you want them to do? You must assess what you want to achieve with your video and then, how can your CTA support these goals.

After you’ve specified what you want your CTA to achieve, your next step is to create messaging which meets these goals as effectively as possible.

Identify Your Options

Next step is to identify the best options. Remember to use the CTA thematically to fit smoothly and persuasively into the video content and messaging. The key point here is that CTA should always be persuasive and easy to accept and follow, not jarring nor obtrusive to the video’s messaging style or theme.

Extending Interactivity with Your Viewer

Finally, annotations or pop-up messages can extend the interactivity and prompt viewers to take actions. Descriptions and Call-To-Action links can be an advantage sometimes because they don’t distract and are more versatile. A verbal narrative or a prompt carries a direct message and can carry more emotional weight. A reference to another video or to another part of your website can help your audience find more information. Or they may watch another video and are probably interested and looking for more information.

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How to Make Your Message More Relevant to the Audience with Specific Content

Determine Your Target Audience

First, what is your primary strategy to capture your target audience? Are you going to educate or entertain? Are you looking to increase new viewers to your website or to bring a turnaround on your call to action and directly sell?

Be sure to put in compelling content, i.e. compelling information that relates directly to your audience and consumers. In this modern world, we are accustomed to a constant flow of information. So, you should aim to build trust or curiosity within the first 15 seconds of your video.

Here are a few ways you can quickly engage viewers:

  • Gain the trust of the viewer with a quick, animated introduction
  • Spark the viewer’s curiosity, or tease the rest of the video, with the host/speaker
  • Start with a quick clip that previews what’s to come

An animated introduction engages your audience. Introduce something you find interesting and are enthusiastic about. When it is a subject you share in common with the audience, that shows relevance. This shared or common interest leads to how you can benefit the viewer or consumer with your product or service.

Display Value to Your Audience

How do you display value for your audience? Your video should answer that question with relevant information and content that is specific to the needs and wants of the audience.

Keep viewers informed with interesting facts, knowledge, or inspiring how-tos. Your audience will stay engaged throughout your video. This is relevant content that captivates the viewers, your consumers, and persuades to follow your calls to action.

The Gloopt App makes creating your video simple and quick.

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How Do I Get the Audience’s Attention with an Interesting Message in a Short Video?

Initially catching the viewer is only half the battle. Once you get them to watch, you need to have engaging content to keep them watching your video.

Knowing how many people watch your videos is important, but knowing who is watching your video, and who your audience is very important, too.

Three Parts to Your Video

Your video is in 3 parts: your introduction, your main message, and your conclusion-call to action.

The beginning sets the tone and captivates your audience. You should “hook” your viewers in the beginning, or your message will never be seen. Capture your audience with your Gloopt one minute video from the outset. It’s important to do this as quickly as possible. Try using a question, a fact, or short sketch to reel them in.

Then, present your main message. Keep it consumer-focused. It is about “you” the audience and viewer. How “you” can benefit or gain from the product. Using “you” language connects directly with the concept of highlighting benefits rather than just features. Connecting features with direct benefits and in relations to the consumer, “you” makes the video interesting and engaging.

Emphasize Benefits to Your Viewer

Keep your language simple and direct, and benefit-centered, and “you”-oriented. This will capture your viewers’ foremost interest – themselves – which will hold and captivate their attention. Tell people how they fit into the picture and make them feel like your video is about them, and they will want to engage.

Near the end, summarize your message. Then present the ‘call to action.’ What do you want the viewer to do?

Our Gloopt App makes it easy to add simple graphics, titles, and background music for a professional look.

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What Have Been the Effects of Telling the Truth in Your Life? – Create a One Minute Video

As kids most of us were taught to always tell the truth. It usually turned out better when we did. It can still be a temptation to leave out information when we know telling the truth will probably hurt us – at least initially.

On the other hand, it sometimes leads to good things in spite of our gloomy expectations.

When Did You Get Rewarded for Telling the Truth?

What experiences have you had where telling the truth led to great things? Share it to inspire others. If it was when your were young, you inspire young people. If it was after you reached adult status, it is a good reminder for the rest of us – and for kids.

What were your emotions before and after. What was your thinking? How did they interact?

When Did You Get Rewarded for Telling the Truth?

Was it ever a major turning point? Was it honesty to others or to yourself? Those have very different characteristics. They also have very different ways of manifesting themselves in both thinking and behavior.

Often being true to yourself is the most basic – and transforming – lesson.

Use Gloopt to create your one minute video. It is by far the easiest method. Just download the Gloopt App from Apple onto your iPhone or iPad and set up is easy.

The easy to use Gloopt tools let you create a script with teleprompter if needed, or you can talk on an impromptu basis.

Adding titles for the bottom of your video identifies your title and/or name, position, etc. Gloopt has an easy tool for that purpose. It also has background music already formatted to be added with just a couple of clicks.

You can add your website or other contact info towards the end if desired. Your video will be finished faster than you expect. Gloopt did the work for you.

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