How to Create Effective Video Marketing Strategies

Contact Us Today!We have all heard the adage “show me, don’t tell me” and video marketing fulfills this desire for most people. Video marketing gives marketers a better opportunity to showcase in an engaging way, what you’re selling compared to text or photos. Apart from the “whys” of video marketing we have provided, it’s also essential for you to know the how of a successful video marketing strategy.

Tie your Videos with your Business Strategy
When you run a business, find ways in which videos can be of great Video Marketing Trends for Solopreneursuse to your customers or target audience apart from simply bombarding them with materials. For example, if you run a domain selling business, use videos to create easy tutorials on how to install the domains, transfer them to others, hosting them with different providers, etc. By tying your business goals with your video marketing techniques, you win more customers and build enviable credibility in your market.

Focus on Analytics
The amount of data you collect from your video marketing activities should be tied to your critical business metrics. How will you measure the return on investment if you can’t? You video marketing strategy should be measured- somehow.

It’s a known fact that having videos in your content marketing strategy template helps. Reach out to us when you want to get your foot in this field.

Video Content Marketing That Goes Viral

Its one thing to create a video and another to ensure it goes viral. The main reason why entrepreneurs should do video content marketing is to be able to sell and create an exposing ground. If a video does not achieve any of the purpose, then it’s not worth it. Entrepreneurs that have succeeded with video content marketing have a different opinion that will make your message spread very fast to the targeted audience.

Video Content Marketing That Goes Viral
Video Content Marketing That Goes Viral

For your video to be viral it has to be completely different. An organization has to bring in something new and unique. This way the audiences could see it to be the only reason to stop watching and sharing same old videos. One way to make your video stand out is by including little humor, risky comedy, demonstration, latest music among other great elements.

Short and simple is the way to go when you want a video to be viral. The audience only needs a few minutes to watch and understand or for instance demonstrate what the video is explaining. Apart from that, the reason why customers prefer videos is because they are short and educative.

Lastly, make your videos shareable to increase the chances of them going viral. This is done by including the share button and encouraging the viewers to like and share after the video ends. Most important is to influence your audience to have the need to share the video.

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How Entrepreneurs Can Get High Income By Investing in Video Content Marketing

High advertising costs that businesses encounter can be a little discouraging. But with the video content marketing strategy, the risk is worth taking. This is one of the most effective advertising strategies that have led to business success. Video content marketing proves to have a high rate of investment compared to other marketing tools. The following are unique points that video content marketing touches on.

Investing in Video Content Marketing
Investing in Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing creates awareness within a few seconds. Once the videos are created and shared on platforms such as You Tube, Face book, Twitter, a million of internet users are able to view it. A short video will send the message out there without a business having to incur any other marketing costs. The company begins to generate leads to the website.

Video content marketing has a unique selling point as it engages the customers more compared to any other marketing tool. And the more an entrepreneur creates an engaging video, the more customers he or she gets or say a successful exposure method.

Videos with a call to action prompt the customer’s interest to buy a product or find out more about a service. This leads them to the company website and a sale to their side. It’s worth investing time and resources to create a short video.

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Getting Started With the Video Production Process

Inasmuch as we teach you the importance of video content marketing, is that all you need to know to succeed? What about video production?

Truth be told, your first video is not going to be a masterpiece even if you tried. This is perfectly okay as the second will be good and a third one so much better for your marketing goals. VideoMarketing

The secret to success is to begin today and improve every step of the way. Don’t waste a lot of time taking another video or over-editing what you already have. Find other opportunities where you can easily use videos to market your own products. Eventually you will get there, become a pro and get more customers to your door.

In the end, you want your videos to mirror your content creation process where you give your viewers more of what they want and less of what they don’t like. It also matters that you produce video content more regularly as time moves to ensure that the customers find something fresh, just as you would with blog posts, articles, etc.

Finally, learn to have fun with your video production given that it’s a medium to convey your passion or expertise. To help you get started, reach out to us with your video content marketing needs.

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Distribution Strategy for Successful Video Content Marketing

Lots of businesses have come up with a strategy to reach out to their customers besides the articles. Pictures and lots of images seem to grab the attention of the audience. This has created a need for video content marketing strategy to be put in place. Entrepreneurs are creating videos instead of the articles that sometimes seem not to generate any leads.

Distribution Strategy for Successful video content marketing
Distribution Strategy for Successful video content marketing

But there is one specific strategy that works for video content marketing. There is a clear and easy to use platform that business can use to be able to get to their audiences. You tube facilitates a high distribution of information rate for most of this businesses. There are more than a million internet users. Besides the social platforms such as face book and Twitter, You tube tends to capture users concentration.

Video content marketing is successful when it gets more views, is shared and reposted by the audience. Users will dig up for the most interesting and effective videos on You Tube. The chance of posting your video on You Tube is just the beginning of success for your business. If channeled through to the right platform and to people that matter, video content marketing is just what your business needs.

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Advantages of converting articles to video content marketing

Video content marketing is what is trending in the World of businesses today. Entrepreneurs and lots of solopreneurs are no longer finding it a challenge to create awareness on what they do. By simply creating 1-5 short videos on what they do, that’s enough to distribute and expose their business and create traffic to their website. V26

One major advantage of converting articles to video content marketing revolves around the ability to reach out to many. It’s a fact that videos are more attractive than texts. The audience is comfortable watching a video to get what you do rather than reading a text. After all, not everything in writing is believed especially where customers are concerned. A short video is enough to convince the audience and to get them asking for products or services.

Converting articles to video saves on time. Customers would prefer watching a short video that explains everything about a business. Within a short time, they will grasp everything as compared to reading a long article for an hour and still have questions.

Video content marketing in itself is attractive. The visual elements, good sound quality and distracting music automatically motivate the viewers in to watching the video.

If you are a solopreneur looking to engage their customers through short videos, get in touch with Gloopt today!

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3 Top Technical Tips for Video Content Marketing

One of the most important technical tips you must always have in mind is having a short video for your marketing purposes although some people prefer telling you to keep it tight. Given that most of us are used to TV commercials that go no longer than 60 seconds, conventional wisdom states that you’re marketing videos should not be more than that. If you have a lot of information, you’d rather split them into separate sections. 2

With Gloopt, you can create short, condensed one-minute videos on any topic under the sun!

You should also keep in mind that a script is very critical for your video production. Although you might know an industry so well, try to incorporate a video script to ensure that you say all the right things, in the right way and with the correct rehearsed emphasis.

Finally, light is golden when it comes to shooting effective marketing videos. It’s something you should never compromise upon. Although natural light works just fine, avoid anything that might bring shadows on your face as you record.

In general, video content marketing is just as good as the length, accuracy and light in the video. Always aim to have effective short marketing videos, recorded accurately and shot with the right light. Reach out for help with your videos.

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3 Rules that Enable Successful Video Content Marketing (Part 2)

Short, to-the-point videos are becoming increasingly popular with masses because they give all the right information in the shortest time possible.

By producing such short videos to solve problems for your present and future clients is a powerful key to success in today’s business.

In my previous post I explained the elements of a successful video content marketing. In this post I am continuing on those elements.

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Here are a couple of more rules that enable successful video content marketing. V14

The audience is looking for a less boring and more interesting video. Do not try to be extremely professional formal. Video content marketing should be free of complicated speeches and anything extra ordinary. Maintain the realness and of cause the interesting part of you. Sometimes a little humor is good for video content marketing.

Top Notch Creativity
Creativity is key to successful video content marketing. Videos that are created without including music, stories, and games among other attractive elements will rarely capture the eyes of the audience. Put anything to make your video content marketing successful.

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