Client Exemplifying LinkedIn Values

“She’s really doing things that I think exemplifies greatness in her area and particular, she is embracing social selling in a way which I was so many others would as well.”

Brian shared his experience about one of his client the really exemplifies the LinkedIn values.

Brian Frank

Key Career Milestone

“I think a milestone for me is just a constant learning aspects. When I think about my sales career, my 19 sales career, I think every time I can empower someone to do more whether be the people of my selling team or when I talk with my customers the light bulbs turns-on.”

Brian shared the key milestone of his career that made him to be a successful person.

Brian Galicia

Key Milestone

“I built those kind of relationship within this organization makes me prouder anything I’ve done individually because it showed that I have the ability to affect the lives of others and help them achieve things that they have to be able to do so before.”

Kevin shared the key milestone of his career that made him to be a successful person.

Kevin Tully

American Airlines

“One person that really exemplifies living in LinkedIn by social selling on account is Megan Jordan from American airlines. It’s not the biggest customer they don’t have huge significant expands, but Megan is really trying to change the paradigm of all sales professional are thinking or selling at American airlines really helping to enable them with LinkedIn as a sales tool for outbound legion instead of sales reps really relying in the legion for her sales team.”

John shared his experience about one of his customer from american airlines that really exemplifies living in LinkedIn in social selling.

John Richards
Relationship Manager at LinkedIn

Biggest Career Milestone

“I actually leverage chatter from sales force extensively to share my deep experience in knowledge of the marketing automation space of our customer base, of our customer success stories and I won the employee of the year not because of the revenue that I brought into the company but because of the contribution that I made to everybody else on the team and I am extremely proud of that accomplishment.”

Jill shared her biggest career milestone that made her to be a successful person.

Jill Rowley
Founder & Chief Evangelist at

Important Relationships

“what really launch my career and taking it to the whole another level is we receive the contract for a resort in cane island and our small company had no experience in resort management neither did I but she knew me and trusted me and we kind of that she mentored me as well and so gave me the shot”

Shannah shared her experienced about the important relationship that made her a successful person.

Shannah Milstead

Key Milestone

“the key milestone of my career is the blessing and gift that I have been given my four beautiful sons who have been turned married wonderful partners who have bought all given me seven beautiful grand children this is what it is that is the foundation of my life anything that I do beyond my relationship with them is a bonus”

Phil shared his experienced about the key milestone that made him a successful person.

Phil Richardson


“That change everything about my prospective in the way I see life the first time with that beautiful sunk in with my life, I realize that everything was about them about what I could do to create an opportunity for them and really leave a legend behind for them”

Jake shared his experienced about the biggest milestone that made him a successful person.

Jake Reni

Embodying Vision

“I think they did a fantastic job that just embody in the vision of social selling, the vision of LinkedIn sales navigator by getting senior leader as well as front line manager evolves, so I have the opportunity to host one of the front line sales managers who spend a passive the roll out this year in our office in New York”

Susan shared her experienced about embodying vision that made her success.

Susan Hammond

Strengths for Success

“the whole reason why started this company was with my friends and why I go every day is that I wanted to create a place where I wanted to go to work in morning and more employees wanted to go to work in the morning, we are all working in a large company.”

Eric shared his experienced about strengths for success.

Eric Miller